What a busy few weeks

This week I have been busy, mum has introduced me to a new dog Aku a saberian husky, I like him alot as he likes playing out in my garden and enjoys the cold weather just like me.

We had visitors Andy and Lucy at the weekend who I have know since a puppy, we go camping together and they always give me treats, I love them.

I was abit naughty this week and went into some very muddy water and mum spent over an hour washing me off and blowdrying me. I must admit I really like it when mum blowdrys me it feels really nice and I smell better.

I have been found by mum and dad on the sofa, they do let me on the sofa but it is great when they come in and find me on it as they always give me a big cuddle and say ‘you are such a cheeky boy but we love you so much’.

I need to go now as mum is calling me for tea, speak soon. Barney

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Welcome to Barney’s Blog

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to my new website.  Having spent most of my days out at sea I haven’t had much chance to develop my IT skills… until now.  I’m hoping to keep you informed of my whereabouts, walks I’ve discovered, friends I’ve met, food I like, and much much more!

I’m going to stop typing now as I’m starting to feel a little tired… time for a little sleep I think!



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