Tilly’s first walk with Barneys Retreat

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Today’s walk with donkeys

Well nature is beautiful especially when you are on your walk and joined by 10 donkeys. I was walking Cohen and Bella today in Brockenhurst and 10 donkeys of all ages joined us. I love my job and Cohen and Bella certainly did not mind been joined by some of our beautiful fury friends.

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Long time , back in action

It’s been a long time since my last blog, sorry. Lots has happened and my family of pooches has grown. My family now has three beautiful newfies, we still have barney bear and he is coming up for 11 years old and doing really well. Forgo is just coming up to 1 year and is a little sweet heart and loves a cuddle and thinks every person and dog is his friend. Oso own latest new addition is 5 months old and growing daily, I have already given up my sofa space so they all have room to cuddle up with there dad.

We recently moved to lymington in Hampshire and we are settling in by the sea and the boys love their daily swimming sessions.

I am now dog walking in lymington and slowly building up my business. I miss my lovely lot from St. Albans but happy some of my clients/friends have visited with there pooches and we are in contact weekly.

I will do a weekly up date from now and keep you all up to date with what’s happening with me and the pooches and barneysretreat.

Have a good week

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hello all

Hi, well lots has happened since i last spoke to you all. Barney has a new brother called Hudson a 20 week old brown newfoundland. Barney loves him and is being the best brother to hudson, just as we thought he would be.

The house is busy with quests and dogs and we are all happy. The thunder was very scary this week and hudson was extremley scared, bless him. Barney tried to reassure him but only a massage from paula my friend worked and took the fear out of the noise.

I hope you are all well and i will speak soon.

Em, barney and hudson xx

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Were Back

Hi All, Well it has been ages but I am back and loving this cooler weather. I have been struggling with the heat but mum and dad have been looking after me really well and supplied wet towels for me to sleep on.

We have had lots of dogs visiting and today grandma and grandad bring their dogs, the house is going to be mad again.

I have been to the doctors recently as i have a poorly chin but the doctor gave me an injection and I feel lots better.

Sorry it has been a long time but I am back and will be updating you on my adventures.

Barney xxx

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Long Time

Woof Woof, I am back sorry being a long time since I last posted something, my computer broke and I was unable to speak to you.
Well lots has been going on in my world, mum and dad are really happy they have purchased a new home for us all and they tell me it has a big garden for me and a river at the bottom so I can swim as often as I like. Mum has been busy walking dogs and I have met some of her new dogs and they are all nice and good for my mum. My friend Aku the husky is back and we played none stop, I was so tired when Aku went home. Mum and Dad went away and Charlotte our house sitter looked after me, Loui and Beryl. Charlotte is ace and she took me to her mums to see Loui her mums dog we played all day and Loui was nice to me as I was a little scared when these big things in the sky made lots of noice.

Dad has gone away for a bit and mum has promised me lots of sofa and swimming time and that all sounds good, I like both of these things. This week I have swam every day and mum has had to use the dog dryer on me, I love swimming but I also love the dryer it feels all nice.

I will be in touch soon, hope you are all well.


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Busy 2 weeks

Hello, sorry not spoken to you for a while mum and dad have been away. I was looked after at home by mum and dads friend Charlotte, it was great she gave me lots of treats and we had lots of sofa time.

I was so happy though to see mum and dad on their return, i think they really missed me, we had take away for tea that night and I got my own garlic nan, yum.

This week I met a new dog called Alfie and we went for a walk, Alfie seemed really nice but was very quick so Aku played with him as I am not fast enough to keep up with him. It was so nice to see all my friends again this week on my walks with my mum, I had missed them.

Now mum is calling as we are off to pick up Aku and go on a walk. 

Speak soon Barney xxx

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Well, sorry I have not been updating for a while. The weeks are flying, we have had painting going on and I tried my best to get in the way but the two men who came were very nice to me and mum showed them where the treats were so I got loads if I was good.

This weekend was fun we had katie dads daughter, Molly and Emily, dads neices stopping and it was nice to have visitors they love me so I got lots of time on the sofa with them and left overs from their meals. I did miss out on some sleep though as they came in after mum and dad and they interupted my sleep pattern.

This week I have been on walks with Aku and Tilly and we were a bit naughty yesturday we found a large pond and decided to go playing in it, mum tried to get us out but we were having to much fun and in the end she just laughed at us and let us play in it.

I do like my sleep as you all know and today I am trying to catch up so I will say bye for now and speak again soon.

Have fun Barney

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House Hunting

This week was a good week, mum has taken me over to Leverstock Green to meet Tilly a new addition to mums dog walking mates. Me and Aku went in the car and and then after picking up Tilly we went into some fields, we were all off the lead and it was really muddy and fun. We all had a great time but I cannot catch up with Aku and Tilly when they go really fast but thats ok as I stay with mum and thats nice. At the weekend I went in the car to see some houses that mum and dad had arrange to see. One house was in the middle of no where and I liked this house, a nice man said I could have a roam in the garden, i found a pond and dived straight in, Mum came running over to find me swimming and I thought I was going to get told off but she just laughed.

Sunday I had a walk with dad and that was nice we then spent the rest of the day chilling out and dad saved me some take away ,so I had a great tea.

Bye for now Barney xxx

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Dad Time

I have spent the weekend with my dad mostly, we went on some nice walks and he took me to the shops for a wonder around. I got lots of attention and my dad told me how proud he was of me for my behaviour. I loved having time with my dad.

Sunday was really good I got a Sunday dinner for my tea and it was yummy. I love it when mum and dad have a roast dinner it always means I get one too.

Mum has been busy this week so far, as normal she picked up Aku and it was great to see Aku yesterday, Aku comes to ours in the week and we play lots. In the morning I saw Ainu and Eric on my walk it was really nice to see them, Ainu is my girlfriend and she looked really pretty.

I am now getting to grips with the IT thing so I plan to update you all every Friday.

I can hear my mum calling me for my walk so I must go.


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