Long time , back in action

It’s been a long time since my last blog, sorry. Lots has happened and my family of pooches has grown. My family now has three beautiful newfies, we still have barney bear and he is coming up for 11 years old and doing really well. Forgo is just coming up to 1 year and is a little sweet heart and loves a cuddle and thinks every person and dog is his friend. Oso own latest new addition is 5 months old and growing daily, I have already given up my sofa space so they all have room to cuddle up with there dad.

We recently moved to lymington in Hampshire and we are settling in by the sea and the boys love their daily swimming sessions.

I am now dog walking in lymington and slowly building up my business. I miss my lovely lot from St. Albans but happy some of my clients/friends have visited with there pooches and we are in contact weekly.

I will do a weekly up date from now and keep you all up to date with what’s happening with me and the pooches and barneysretreat.

Have a good week

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