Long Time

Woof Woof, I am back sorry being a long time since I last posted something, my computer broke and I was unable to speak to you.
Well lots has been going on in my world, mum and dad are really happy they have purchased a new home for us all and they tell me it has a big garden for me and a river at the bottom so I can swim as often as I like. Mum has been busy walking dogs and I have met some of her new dogs and they are all nice and good for my mum. My friend Aku the husky is back and we played none stop, I was so tired when Aku went home. Mum and Dad went away and Charlotte our house sitter looked after me, Loui and Beryl. Charlotte is ace and she took me to her mums to see Loui her mums dog we played all day and Loui was nice to me as I was a little scared when these big things in the sky made lots of noice.

Dad has gone away for a bit and mum has promised me lots of sofa and swimming time and that all sounds good, I like both of these things. This week I have swam every day and mum has had to use the dog dryer on me, I love swimming but I also love the dryer it feels all nice.

I will be in touch soon, hope you are all well.


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