Well, sorry I have not been updating for a while. The weeks are flying, we have had painting going on and I tried my best to get in the way but the two men who came were very nice to me and mum showed them where the treats were so I got loads if I was good.

This weekend was fun we had katie dads daughter, Molly and Emily, dads neices stopping and it was nice to have visitors they love me so I got lots of time on the sofa with them and left overs from their meals. I did miss out on some sleep though as they came in after mum and dad and they interupted my sleep pattern.

This week I have been on walks with Aku and Tilly and we were a bit naughty yesturday we found a large pond and decided to go playing in it, mum tried to get us out but we were having to much fun and in the end she just laughed at us and let us play in it.

I do like my sleep as you all know and today I am trying to catch up so I will say bye for now and speak again soon.

Have fun Barney

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