House Hunting

This week was a good week, mum has taken me over to Leverstock Green to meet Tilly a new addition to mums dog walking mates. Me and Aku went in the car and and then after picking up Tilly we went into some fields, we were all off the lead and it was really muddy and fun. We all had a great time but I cannot catch up with Aku and Tilly when they go really fast but thats ok as I stay with mum and thats nice. At the weekend I went in the car to see some houses that mum and dad had arrange to see. One house was in the middle of no where and I liked this house, a nice man said I could have a roam in the garden, i found a pond and dived straight in, Mum came running over to find me swimming and I thought I was going to get told off but she just laughed.

Sunday I had a walk with dad and that was nice we then spent the rest of the day chilling out and dad saved me some take away ,so I had a great tea.

Bye for now Barney xxx

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