Dad Time

I have spent the weekend with my dad mostly, we went on some nice walks and he took me to the shops for a wonder around. I got lots of attention and my dad told me how proud he was of me for my behaviour. I loved having time with my dad.

Sunday was really good I got a Sunday dinner for my tea and it was yummy. I love it when mum and dad have a roast dinner it always means I get one too.

Mum has been busy this week so far, as normal she picked up Aku and it was great to see Aku yesterday, Aku comes to ours in the week and we play lots. In the morning I saw Ainu and Eric on my walk it was really nice to see them, Ainu is my girlfriend and she looked really pretty.

I am now getting to grips with the IT thing so I plan to update you all every Friday.

I can hear my mum calling me for my walk so I must go.


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